Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Upgrading Redmine old version to new version

                                    Easy way to Redmine upgrade

Activity done on old installation:

1.            #/opt/redmine/ stop
      2.            #/opt/redmine/ start mysql
      3.            #/opt/redmine/mysql/bin/mysqldump –u bitnami -p bitnami_redmine >
4.            Backup uploaded files :
                 #cd /opt/redmine/apps/redmine/htdocs
                 # cp –rvf files files.bak ( and take it in safe place)
      5.            Uninstall old redmine :
                #cd /opt/redmine
                #./uninstall    - press enter
                #rm –rf /opt/redmine

Activity done on new installation:

1.            Download latest redmine stack and install it.
    2.            Then check the database details in database.yml , where you have define the
             installation path using vi /opt/redmine/apps/redmine/htdocs/config/database.yml

3.            Login in database using root user

#/opt/redmine/mysql/bin/mysql -u root –p

    Password: ****

    mysql> drop database bitnami_redmine;

    mysql> create database bitnami_redmine;

    mysql> grant all privileges on bitnami_redmine.* to 'bitnami'@'localhost'

    identified by 'DATABASE_PASSWORD';

4.                  Restore the new database:
        #mysql -u bitnami -p bitnami_redmine < bitnami_redmine06162014.sql

5.            Restore file backup :

         #cp files.bak/* /opt/redmine/apps/redmine/htdocs/files/

7.            Support this new version and run the following command:
              #cd /opt/redmine/apps/redmine/htdocs/

  #/opt/redmine/ruby/bin/ruby bin/rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production
    8.                  Finally you should clean the cache and the sessions:

   # ruby bin/rake tmp:cache:clear
             # ruby bin/rake tmp:sessions:clear
   9.                Restart the servers and you can access to your new Redmine.
             #/opt/redmine/ restart
               Index file location:

Enjoy with latest Redmine............! 

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