Saturday, 25 May 2013

Top 5 Most Popular Desktop/Server Linux Distributions

     Most Popular Desktop Linux Distribution :
  1. Ubuntu - Easliy update securty patched, more reliable , comfort to user friendy, mostly using in office envirnment. 

  2. Fuduntu - It you are using mobile computing netbooks and laptop.this would be better choice, because it will consume less battry. Result is increase your laptop and netbooks battary life.

  3. Linux Mint - It's excellent as a distribution, easy to build upon, and use. 

  4. Mageia -    It's great  as a linux distribution,

  5. Arch Linux - Light weight,simple linux distribution 

    Most Popular Server Linux Distribution : 

    1. Redhat : Enterprise edition
    2. Centos : It's clone of Redhat , it's free distribution
    3. Debian : It's great server distribution.
    4. Ubuntu : Ubuntu exellent server edition.
    5 OpenSuse : Enterprise Edition

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